commissioned furniture

Excellent communication is the key to producing bespoke fitted furniture

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Alongside handcrafting bespoke fitted furniture for residential clients directly, AW Way also has over 35 years’ experience working with interior designers, architects and project managers to design, manufacture and install the highest quality bespoke fitted furniture. When working with other companies Adrian believes communication is key to provide a seamless delivery from initial concept through …

Fitted dressing room

How to organise your fitted dressing room

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If your bedroom wardrobes are suffering from one too many shopping sprees it might be time to consider converting a space or spare room into a dressing room. Investing in some bespoke fitted furniture for this space will create more storage so everything has its place, so you can be more organised. Read our tips …

Space saving ideas for your Bathroom

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It’s common for a lot of people to wish their bathroom was bigger and more often than not, it’s normally the smallest room in the house but it is one of the most functional alongside the kitchen. Bathrooms are used for multi-purpose – from getting ready quickly of a morning to unwinding and relaxing  in …

bespoke kitchen

Why should you have a bespoke kitchen made?

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A kitchen is an essential part of the home, in fact it is where we tend to spend most of our time! Which is why it is critical to have the perfect kitchen and make it a place you like to spend your time. You’ll be able to optimise space, have everything fit perfectly and …

bespoke shelving furniture solutions

Fitted furniture solutions to utilise your homes awkward spaces

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Almost all houses have an awkward space that requires some creativity, whether it be a living room corner, bedroom nook, dead space under staircases or just a small floorplan to work to. However, there are plenty of ways to maximise what you have available in your home with some clever fitted furniture solutions. See our …

Shed inspired bespoke fitted office furniture

Boost employee productivity with bespoke fitted office furniture

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Boost employee productivity with bespoke fitted office furniture Creating the right working environment is proven to boost employee productivity and engagement, as well as leaving the right lasting impression on visiting clients. The reception area of an office is usually the first point of contact for potential new clients and employees, so it is important …

Bespoke fitted wardrobes in bedroom

4 things you need to know about bespoke fitted wardrobes

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Homes across the UK have wardrobes bursting with belongings, as off the shelf wardrobes don’t make the most of space or allow customisation. Opting to have bespoke fitted wardrobes designed help keep a room looking spacious and organised, while simultaneously complementing its style. If you’re considering having fitted wardrobes commissioned here are the top 4 …

bespoke furniture

Reasons to Choose Custom-made Furniture for Your Home

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When it comes to furnishing your home, you can either choose to buy off-the-shelf pieces or have something bespoke made which will be one of a kind and will fit your home perfectly. Adrian has been crafting and installing bespoke furniture for over 35 years and explains some of the many advantages to having custom-made …


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