Time for a lounge refit? Consider bespoke fitted furniture

No matter what you call it – a sitting room, living room or lounge, this room’s main purpose is to be a comfortable space where the whole household can relax and spend quality time together.  

No matter what size or budget you have to spend, here are our top things to consider when developing ideas for your lounge to make it the ultimate space to sit and relax after a long day’s work.  

Think about the tech  

As a nation we enjoy nothing more than sitting down and relaxing to Saturday night T.V. However, if you don’t want your T.V screen to stick out as an ugly black box, our experienced team can craft clever fitted furniture to house it when not in use. From simple fitted cabinets to advance motorised stands that glide up with a click of a button, we can create you the ultimate entertainment hub. 

Media storage

 Do you want to show off your personality and tastes by having your collection of DVD’s and books on display? If so this can be housed in some beautiful bespoke fitted shelves to allow any guests to browse. However, some prefer a more streamlined approach, where everything has its home to create a tranquil space. Make this ‘home’ a set of cleverly designed fitted cabinetry that is timeless in style to ensure it will suit any future home improvements you might make. 

It works for small spaces too 

Despite what many people think, bespoke fitted furniture can help a small living space look larger, with cleverly thought out designs. Create this illusion with floating fitted furniture that saves floor space or utilises those small nooks that standard off the shelf furniture won’t fit.  




Using our 35+ years of experience, passion for handcrafting beautiful bespoke furniture, we can help you create the lounge of your dreams with bespoke fitted furniture solutions. Take a look at our previous living room project and get in touch today – we can’t wait to hear your vision 


Integrating technology into your fitted furniture

technology in furniture

Our homes are made to be enjoyed and technology is a big factor in the achievement of this. From TV’s to music systems, we all want the latest technology, but this should compliment our interiors not dominate it.

AW Way has over 35-years’ experience handcrafting bespoke fitted furniture that focuses on functionality. In the initial discussions, our meticulous attention to detail will consider aspects other would only realise with use, ensuring wires and technology components don’t ruin the aesthetics of your home.  Whether you want to turn your spare room into an entertainment hub or want to make working at home as simple as possible, see how we can craft bespoke furniture to suit your lifestyle that doesn’t compromise on style.

Hidden designs

Devices are getting larger so keeping boxy black devices and the wires that come with them hidden in bespoke fitted furniture will help keep a streamlined style. Our experienced team can design bespoke fitted furniture that can neatly house your tech behind cupboard doors, in floating shelves or pop up out of cabinets. For an area where lots of power is required we can hide power sockets that pop up or swivel out, especially handy if you work from home!

bespoke desk

Frame it

Another design option is to show off your devices rather than disguise them! If your television is always on when your home think about framing it and make a feature with some beautiful bespoke fitted shelving designed, crafted and installed by AW Way. This way you’ll also be able to show off your favourite family memories, candles and décor accessories too. The beauty of bespoke is that everything can be customised, you get total freedom to have any colour, any size, and any additional features to suit the personality of the home.


Think big

Technology doesn’t just refer to small gadgets like TV screen and sound systems. We previous designed and installed a hidden kitchen, equipped with a coffee machine and sink between two bedrooms in a client’s home. With skill and accuracy this was concealed with folding doors to ensure the luxurious design of the house wasn’t compromised.

If you want to get rid of the spaghetti junction of cables in your home or create other pieces of furniture that integrates technology, get in touch to discuss your bespoke furniture requirements with Adrian directly.

Creating the perfect working environment in your home with bespoke fitted furniture

home office fitted furniture

With flexible working policies and the number of self-employed people in the UK on the rise, the need for a dedicated working space in our own homes is at a high. However, problems can arise when personal and professional lives collide, so we need to create a working space to stay motivated and distraction-free.

If you want to keep your productivity high while in working hours, but still be able to relax in your home come the end of the day take a look at some of our office and working space tips.

Separate work and home

Keeping personal and professional separate when you work from home can be hard but is one of the most important steps to follow. Combining your work and downtime will only distract you during the day and you’ll find it hard to switch off at the end of the day.

Ideally, to overcome these you would have a dedicated office room to shut yourself off from the rest of the house however, space sometimes simply doesn’t allow this. If your working with a small or awkward space get creative and invest in a fold-down desk that can be closed at the end of the day, taking away the temptation to keep coming back come clock off time.

Make it your own space

The beauty of not working in an office block is you can build the space around your working patterns and personalise it with as much- or little- décor as you like. AW Way can handcraft you a beautiful bespoke fitted desk in their Milton Keynes or London workshop to all your requirements. The material, colour, finishes, shape and style can all be determined by you to ensure you work efficiently and help you enjoy sitting at it every day! Their experience and passion for creating simple but functional bespoke fitted furniture mean areas you might overlook like cable management and plug sockets will be incorporate into the design, eliminating problems that would otherwise arise after installation with other companies.

bespoke office furniture

Think about lighting

If your working space has limited natural light this can make you feel more lethargic in the winter months when daylight hours are short. To ensure you work productively all year round position your desk close to the window or incorporate enough artificial lighting into the room design. A desk lamp is also a helpful addition when it comes to reading papers to reduce the risk of eye strain from poor lighting.

Are you ready to re-invent your working space and build your dream office? Get in touch with Adrian to discuss your bespoke furniture requirements on 01908 586803.

Extendable Dining Room Tables


Dark evenings are drawing in and Christmas will soon be upon us which means that now is the perfect time to start thinking about that all-important dining table. It can be difficult and a tight squeeze to fit in all of your family on Christmas Day which makes an extendable dining table the perfect solution. The extra space is there when you need it but won’t take up space all year round. Here are some benefits of the extendable dining table:

Space efficient solution

You might need extra space for those special occasions, but you don’t need it all year round. Maximise your space with a smaller table that you can extend when needed. This will help to avoid furniture clutter and will also leave you with a lot of functional room when it isn’t needed.

Style fits with all interiors

Extendable dining tables come in all shapes and sizes depending on the amount of space you have available. The more room you have, the more you will be able to play around with the design on the table as you won’t be as limited. Here at Adrian Way, we are able to match the style of your table to fit with the rest of the interiors in your home.


If you’re ready to start thinking about your dream dining table to host that all-important dinner party or Christmas celebrations, contact Adrian today.


Creating a reception space to welcome & wow guests

Reception furniture & bespoke bookcase

Your reception area is your business’ first chance to make a big impression on visitors-and you want it to be the right one! This gateway should instantly reflect your brand personality, tell your story and distinguish yourself to stand out from the crowd.

If you’re looking for ideas to make your reception space leave the right lasting impression, here’s some of our tried and tested ideas.

Create a Definitive Welcoming Space

When visitors walk through the doors you want to make it instantly clear where they need to go, so having a front desk is crucial. As the first touchpoint this needs to instantly represent your brands personality so choose shapes, colours, materials, textures and finishes that fit with this. Also consider the practicality for people working in this area. Nobody wants to be greeted by stacks of papers, books and your cold coffee, so conceal bespoke fitted draws and cabinets to keep organised and minimal items on display.

Make it inviting

Nobody likes waiting- so making this experience as enjoyable as possible will make your business stand out. Even little things like uncomfortable, hard furniture can alter opinions so opt for couches and tables that makes your office warm and inviting. It’s a nice idea to have the latest papers or industry magazines available for people to browse which creates a more comfortable atmosphere for visitors who aren’t as talkative.

Show off your successes

Utilise this waiting time to show off your business at its best! A beautiful bespoke fitted cabinet or shelving unit can house company awards, images and literature that tells your story. Opting for a timeless design means that as your business evolves the items can be changed which comes at a much smaller cost than investing in an office refit.

If you’re ready to make the right first impression or are working on a project that requires some handcrafted bespoke fitted furniture get in touch with Adrian to discuss how he can add the WOW to any reception space.

Space Saving ideas ahead of Christmas

Many people now live in smaller homes or apartments which can leave you struggling for space when it comes to Christmas. Families gather and presents will fill the house, so here are some ideas to help you stop clutter and have all the space you need all year round.

Add shelves or cupboards above a doorway

Doorways are an under-utilised space in your home. Make the most of this space by installing shelving above – ideal for bedrooms, offices and even home libraries! This feature can be easily added with bespoke fitted storage units, giving you the extra space you need.

Create one space for all your entertainment

Your lounge will consist of many pieces of technology, including; your TV, DVD Player, consoles and games, but instead of having these items spread out across your living room, keep them in a custom-built bespoke unit to keep them in one place for your convenience. Utilise the space you have on your wall by including shelving solutions or cupboards for all your DVD’s, games and accessories.

Why not add a freestanding coffee table to store all your book and magazines away? This will provide a practical and aesthetically pleasing storage solution.

Utilise under your staircase

Give yourself that extra storage you might need by using the space under your stairs – or you could create a getaway nook! A quiet space for those who want to have some time away in a quiet area (we know how Christmas can get!). It could become a little haven for all year round.

If you’re looking to create space-saving solutions, get in touch with Adrian to discuss how he can help you design practical pieces of bespoke fitted furniture.


How to organise your fitted dressing room

Fitted dressing room

If your bedroom wardrobes are suffering from one too many shopping sprees it might be time to consider converting a space or spare room into a dressing room. Investing in some bespoke fitted furniture for this space will create more storage so everything has its place, so you can be more organised. Read our tips for designing and organising the perfect storage space for your fitted dressing room to clear clutter from your bedroom.

Prioritise whats important

Before designing a dressing room for the whole contents of your wardrobe, have a clear out of anything you simply don’t wear or use anymore. If you’re finding it hard to part with items test what you really use by turning the hangers in the opposite direction once a garment is worn. After a period this will leave you with a system that indicates what you haven’t worn and shouldn’t save space for in your new storage.

Find the right storage solution

A fitted dressing room can be created with multiple types of bespoke storage so ask yourself what requirements does your clothing, shoes and accessories require? Do you need maximum hanging space, or would you prefer shelving for t-shirts and jumpers? Consider the height of hanging rails and whether shelves should be movable to house any future purchases. Once you have decided how you’d like to have your clothes arranged, whether it be by colour, style or purpose, AW Way can find a solution that meets your needs and style.

Right before your eyes

Having your most used items at eye level or closest to the entrance will help save time when getting ready or if you need to grab an item in a rush.

Incorporate a space to get ready

Don’t forget about completing the space with a beautiful bespoke dressing table or island with built in seating. The team at AW Way can fit this into the design and their meticulous attention to detail consider aspects like plug sockets and wires which would otherwise look unsightly in your new dressing room.

Bespoke dressing table

Maximum storage in a limited space

At first it might seem silly to have fitted cupboards where you can’t reach but utilising all the space will offer somewhere to store items seasonal items that are rarely used. Having bespoke fitted furniture hand crafted by AW Way means every millimetre is accounted for to maximise storage space that is fitted perfectly first time.

Bespoke fitted dressing room

Adrian can offer his 35 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke fitted furniture to ensure all your items are easily accessible and no space is wasted.

Get in touch today to start the journey to the creating the dressing room you’ve always dreamed of.

Space saving ideas for your Bathroom

It’s common for a lot of people to wish their bathroom was bigger and more often than not, it’s normally the smallest room in the house but it is one of the most functional alongside the kitchen. Bathrooms are used for multi-purpose – from getting ready quickly of a morning to unwinding and relaxing  in the evening. Achieving a space which allows you to achieve both can be a tricky task. We use a lot of products, and as families grow, the amount of bottles used can leave bathrooms feeling cluttered. If you’re looking for your bathroom to feel like a sanctuary for relaxation, here’s our top tips of how you make the most of your bathroom by optimising space:

Hanging Space behind the Door

Hanging your towels on the back of the bathroom door frees up some space and keeps them out of eyesight which can help when creating a spacious environment to relax. Invest in a good door towel rail so your wet towels dry.

Use Wall Boxes/Cabinets

Wall boxes will give you the same amount of storage space as traditional shelves but will help you to disguise the clutter whilst giving you a clean and modern look and feel. Bespoke cabinets can be made and fitted to give you the storage you need, and have it fit perfectly.

Built in Storage

Storage underneath sinks and baths make the most of wasted space underneath and will give you more storage – even in the smallest of bathrooms! You can even have custom-built storage underneath the sink and still have it floating which will leave your bathroom feeling stylish and not looking cluttered.

Medicine Cabinet

Cabinets are a popular way of hiding away all your items but can take up space. By fitting a bespoke mirrored medicine cabinet you’re able to have two in one – you’ll have the look and the storage!


AW Way has been producing high quality bespoke furniture for over 35 years, so whether you need a revamp on your bathroom or you want it to have that luxury feel, Adrian will be able to help make your bathroom envy become reality! Find out how we can help you by contacting us.


Why should you have a bespoke kitchen made?

bespoke kitchen

A kitchen is an essential part of the home, in fact it is where we tend to spend most of our time! Which is why it is critical to have the perfect kitchen and make it a place you like to spend your time. You’ll be able to optimise space, have everything fit perfectly and create something that will showcase your home. There are so many reasons to go bespoke – and it’s not more expensive!

  • Bespoke kitchens are made to measure, meaning that there will be no odd shapes and sizes and best of all – nothing that doesn’t fit. Each cabinet will be the perfect fit for your kitchen ready to be utilised and for you to put your mark on.
  • Add your own personal touch, you get to be part of the design process! Tell us what you want and need, and we will make it happen. If you don’t like the design, we can keep changing it until your happy, leaving you with your dream kitchen!
  • A bespoke kitchen will be custom made – just for you! No one will ever have the same kitchen as you. All materials used will be finished with the look you desire – giving you unlimited choice. You’ll cherish your custom made kitchen for many years to come.

If you want to update your Kitchen, get in touch with Adrian to discuss how he can create the perfect kitchen for you to suit your home, style and lifestyle.

Fitted furniture solutions to utilise your homes awkward spaces

bespoke shelving furniture solutions

Almost all houses have an awkward space that requires some creativity, whether it be a living room corner, bedroom nook, dead space under staircases or just a small floorplan to work to. However, there are plenty of ways to maximise what you have available in your home with some clever fitted furniture solutions.

See our suggestions to find the ideal way to utilise the most awkward spaces in your home that you’ll soon wonder how you lived without.

Create a cosy ready nook under windows

If you’ve got a large window taking up space where you would put wall storage, create a cosy ready nook with hidden storage. This will give purpose to a space that otherwise wouldn’t be used but also keep rooms uncluttered with the extra storage. This works especially well in bay windows, but also can transform a space between two pieces of furniture like the library Adrian previously handcrafted.

Bespoke fitted furniture

Invest in bespoke fitted furniture for sloped ceilings

If you have a space with sloping ceilings, it’s almost impossible to find off the shelf furniture that fits flush to the walls and ceiling, leaving unusable gaps. This is a common problem in loft conversions that can be solved by spending wisely on bespoke fitted furniture that use every millimetre of space.

Adrian has recently manufactured and installed a bespoke fitted wardrobe and shelving to overcome this problem in a small sloping space off a client’s bedroom. This space now offers ample storage for the couple, acting as a mini dressing room.

Create storage under the staircase 

Stairs are an obvious necessity for multi-storey properties which are often overlooked as dead space, but they are an area that can be used for multiple purposes. If you’re craving extra storage utilise this space as fitted cupboards or shelving to leave living spaces less cluttered and feeling more open. Or why not make this your office space with a fold down desk that can be hidden when not in use?

If you’re ready to fall back in love with the most awkward spaces in your home get in touch with Adrian to discuss how he can handcraft beautiful bespoke fitted furniture for any room in your home.