Boost employee productivity with bespoke fitted office furniture

Shed inspired bespoke fitted office furniture

Boost employee productivity with bespoke fitted office furniture

Creating the right working environment is proven to boost employee productivity and engagement, as well as leaving the right lasting impression on visiting clients. The reception area of an office is usually the first point of contact for potential new clients and employees, so it is important that this gateway into the office reflects what is business is about.

See how bespoke fitted office furniture Adrian has crafted throughout Milton Keynes and London can keep your employees motivated and working productively.

Storage solutions to keep organised

There’s nothing worse than having a work alongside piles of clutter, so keep employees working efficiently by opting for clever bespoke fitted storage solutions. This modern shelving unit manufactured and installed by Adrian is perfect to keep files and documents close to hand, but also offers a space to display items such as awards or team mementos.

Modern fitted shelving unit

Build functional workstations

Many employees spend around 90% of their day at a desk, but as flexible working and hotdesking grows in popularity, many employees don’t have a space to call their own. For workstations that are built for hotdesking fold down mounted plug sockets can be built into the design to stop employees searching for a place to charge their laptops and dangerous wires trailing round the office.

Bespoke workstations with fold down plugs

Segment areas of the office

Clever bespoke fitted furniture can help separate large office spaces, and clearly define the purpose of different areas. Cubicles, dividers and clever desks are all simple solutions, but aren’t the only option. Adrian is currently manufacturing a quirky, shed inspired working area offsite his Cranfield based workshop. This will house a photocopier, but also be a space away from desks that employees can congregate for meetings.

If you’re looking for bespoke fitted furniture to boost employee’s productivity and impress clients, get in contact with Adrian who has over 35 years’ experience crafting bespoke fitted commercial furniture in Milton Keynes and London alongside architects, interior designers, project managers and house builders.

4 things you need to know about bespoke fitted wardrobes

Bespoke fitted wardrobes in bedroom

Homes across the UK have wardrobes bursting with belongings, as off the shelf wardrobes don’t make the most of space or allow customisation.

Opting to have bespoke fitted wardrobes designed help keep a room looking spacious and organised, while simultaneously complementing its style. If you’re considering having fitted wardrobes commissioned here are the top 4 things to know:

  1. You’ll get more space – Unlike off the shelf wardrobes that often have gaps above and below, bespoke fitted wardrobes are designed to the measurements you desire. Opting for full height fitted wardrobes frees up vital storage space, reducing clutter and other storage free standing furniture in your bedroom.
  2. Makes your home more desirable- If you’re looking at selling currently or aren’t in your forever home, the investment you make on fitted furniture will be regained when put your home on the market. Storage is a high priority for modern house buyers, especially in London so fitted furniture like wardrobes and cabinets will make your property stand out.
  3. Designed to you- The beauty of bespoke wardrobes is that everything can be personalised, from the materials down to the final finishes and components. Adrian provides samples during the process for approval, so changes can be made during the design stage to ensure the finish result is one you are truly happy with.
  4. Built around the room- Working down to the millimetre, means even the smallest or most awkward of spaces can be used. Wardrobes can be built –around alcoves and sloping ceilings, with Adrian also considering use of electrical sockets and light switches. 

If you no longer want to compromise on space, get in touch with Adrian to discuss how he can create you bespoke fitted wardrobes or other fitted furniture to suit your home, style and lifestyle perfectly.

Reasons to Choose Custom-made Furniture for Your Home

bespoke furniture

When it comes to furnishing your home, you can either choose to buy off-the-shelf pieces or have something bespoke made which will be one of a kind and will fit your home perfectly.

Adrian has been crafting and installing bespoke furniture for over 35 years and explains some of the many advantages to having custom-made fitted furniture made for your home:

  1. You can add your own creative flair – Do you ever find a piece of furniture you like but wish it had a finish more your style or was in a different size? When you have custom-made furniture made, you get total freedom to have any colour, any size, and any additional features to suit the personality of the home.
  2. Create a perfect fit – Each room is unique so when it comes to having practical furniture to fit in that small gap, or having a larger piece which will be the focal piece for a room, it is important to get the fit just right. Bespoke furniture means you can choose the depth, width, and height of every piece.
  3. Make it practical as well as aesthetically pleasing – Adrian works closely with each client to ensure each piece is made for the purpose. Whether there needs to be electrical sockets cleverly hidden away, or extra storage, every piece of bespoke furniture is thoughtfully designed and installed.

With Adrian’s experience and attention to detail, he can create individual pieces of furniture to suit any style of home.

Get in touch to discuss your bespoke furniture requirements with Adrian directly